10 things to consider before buying used auto parts

To extend their useful life, owners generally keep their vehicles in top condition by following recommended maintenance schedules. However, when it comes to replacing parts, they don't know whether to opt for new or used parts. In this article we will explain the things to consider before buying used auto parts.

The term "used" (often replaced by "as new") is often associated with a lower quality, but this is not always the case. In this guide we will show you the best way to find it used auto parts so you can keep your car running smoothly without spending too much money.

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  1. 10 things to consider before buying used auto parts
    1. 1. Buy used auto parts from a reliable place
    2. 2. Choose local auto parts stores, not large franchises
    3. 3. Make sure you know which part to buy
    4. 4. Ask about the history of used auto parts you want to buy
    5. 5. Learn more about return policies when buying used auto parts
    6. 6. Replace some auto parts with new ones
    7. 7. Don't forget to ask for part guarantees
    8. 8. Bring an expert with you when buying second hand auto parts
    9. 9. Beware of counterfeits
    10. 10. Match the color and style to the original of your car

10 things to consider before buying used auto parts

Below you will find a list of the most important aspects that you should take into account when buying used spare parts for cars.

1. Buy used auto parts from a reliable place

In any business, only reputable or reputable sellers deserve our attention. Unfortunately, when it comes to used auto parts it's not so easy.

Almost anyone can enter sale of auto parts used on an online platform such as eBay and Craigslist. There are also auto parts stores that can supply used parts as well as new genuine products. Another potential source of used auto parts it is a landfill or a demolition depot.

Regardless of where you go to purchase your parts, it is imperative to do a thorough investigation. When it comes to reliability, online sellers may not be the best. The good news is that Reputable online trading sites like eBay offer consumer-based seller ratings. This will give you an idea of ​​the reliability of the items they sell. Many of the merchant accounts also have consumer reviews, so you'll have a fair rating of their products and services right at your fingertips.

Stores dedicated to sale of auto parts they are still the first choice for many people; however, they tend to be more expensive than other sources.

Like online sellers, it is advisable to delve into the reputation of the store. A friend or neighbor probably already has experience with a particular shop. Ask in your family and friends. Another alternative would be to check with your local Better Business Bureau.

One of the best places to get used car parts is a scrap yard or Yonke. This is where vehicles that have been written off or have been declared a total loss are used for another purpose. You can buy usable vehicle parts before they are scrapped. The good thing about landfills or breakers is that you can get parts for a much lower price.

We recommend that you do a price search on e-commerce platforms and auto parts stores. The information you get can be used to bargain over the price of the used auto parts.

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2. Choose local auto parts stores, not large franchises

Contrary to what many people think, big-name auto parts store franchises aren't the best option. There is a big chance that the products they offer are not the best. You won't save much in these stores either because their overhead costs are high.

There is an unspoken truth among buyers of spare parts for second hand cars. Big franchises make money by leveraging their brand, comfort, and car owners' desperation. The latter is what those who want equity in their purchases do not like.

Your best option for second hand auto parts is your local stores. They may not have the big branding of a franchise, but their service is often more personalized.

3. Make sure you know which part to buy

You must have the specific model or part number of the car you need. If you still have the owner's manual for your vehicle, you can check the codes of the components that need to be replaced. If you buy an expensive part and then find that it doesn't match your vehicle's specifications, you are in trouble.

The most correct thing would be to bring the auto part to show it to the seller or auto parts store representative. This way you can be more confident that you get the right part.

An alternative would be to look at the VIN or vehicle identification number. You can also use the VIN if you don't have the VIN handy. With this information, you can search online.

4. Ask about the history of used auto parts you want to buy

Some auto parts stores may not be so honest when they want to sell you the used auto parts you need. Therefore, knowing better the history of the pieces will be essential in order not to receive a product that will not last long.

Remember that many of these items can be "rejuvenated" to make them look like new. Even if they look perfect, they may have hidden cracks or flaws that will cause you to fail later. If the store does not offer guarantees or refunds for your purchases, then you would be wasting money on a useless product.

Always ask the age of used auto parts, the seller needs to know the mileage of the part. An important point to clarify is also whether the piece has already undergone modifications, repairs or reconstructions. If the answer is not clear you should check the price. If it is much less than expected, it is a clear sign of the piece's uncertain history.

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5. Learn more about return policies when buying used auto parts

There are auto parts stores that do not accept product returns or issue refunds for purchased items. Do what you do do not leave the store without clear information on its return policy.

Some companies that have a return policy usually print it for display. They do this intentionally so they don't read the rest of the provisions. Remember to pay particular attention to the exclusions or exceptions of these policies. For example, they can only accept refunds or returns within 30 days of the sale.

Online sellers are also known to charge high fees when buying the wrong auto part. Make sure you fully understand these provisions before purchasing the product. Again, it's important to stress the importance of having the correct part number to avoid the hassle of returns or refunds.

6. Replace some auto parts with new ones

Generally, some people opt for second-hand parts due to their budget constraints. This is understandable. However, too It is essential to understand well the implications that the replacement of some parts with used ones can have..

If you are buying a side mirror, a second hand unit may suffice. But if we're talking about a spark plug, would you be willing to compromise your engine's performance for a few dollars of difference?

Auto parts that tend to wear out fairly quickly should always be replaced with new ones. For example, brake discs, brake pads and starters. Large automotive parts that are critical to the overall performance of the car should have a good warranty. At a minimum, they must include a 12 month warranty. Some examples include the alternator, transmission, and radiator.

Keep in mind that these components are very important to a car's performance. You can save several tens of dollars, but how long do you think these parts will last before you have to start looking for parts for a new replacement?

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7. Don't forget to ask for part guarantees

Just like what we said about the store return policy, It is essential to know the warranties of the product you wish to purchase. The warranty information should be very clear from the start. Do not pay for any items until you have read and understood the warranty and its provisions.

Rescue yards can extend the warranty on purchased items if you ask them. Auto parts stores may also have their warranties written in small print. As always, you need to read every line of the text. Analyze each of the words. If there are any provisions you don't understand, ask the representative.

The guarantee offered by online sellers can be a little more complicated than that of traditional sellers. Some may include unnecessary "tricks" or warnings in their warranties. Furthermore, the drafting of the guarantee statutes can be done very intelligently. Again, make sure you read and understand very well what the seller claims as a guarantee.

8. Bring an expert with you when buying second hand auto parts

There are many reasons why you should take an automotive expert with you when buying second hand auto parts, especially when you are not familiar with the part you are buying. However, you should choose someone you can trust or know very well. Some people may have a vested interest in a specific store. If he doesn't want you to visit other stores, he may have some interest in the transaction.

It is always advisable to have a trusted mechanic by your side when making this type of purchase. as he can advise you and give you very valuable information about the part of the car you should buy. It can also help you distinguish a fake piece from a real one. In general, they know the characteristics of each piece.

9. Beware of counterfeits

Counterfeiting of products is a problem that also affects the auto parts sector. Even though they have the correct part number for your car's VIN, these parts are not from the manufacturer themselves.

If you've ever been to Asia, you may have heard of original, A-Class, B-Class and other "class" brands for the same product. This class designation refers to the origin of the article. If it's OEM, you can be sure it's from the manufacturer himself. If it is class A, it does not come from the manufacturer, but from a country with accredited manufacturing practices.

Therefore, It is essential to learn to distinguish the fake parts from the authentic ones. Look for misprinted words, misplaced important components, flawed logos, and more. A trusted mechanic can help you determine if a part is original or not.

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10. Match the color and style to the original of your car

When buying second hand parts for the exterior of a vehicle, it is essential to look at its aesthetics. First of all, consider the color of the piece. Does it match your car paint? If it is a little lighter or darker than your car color, it will look very ugly after installation.

Second, look at the style of the piece. It should blend well with the car's design aesthetics. In other words, make sure that the part improves the aesthetic qualities of your car and does not detract from them. This will help you determine if you have the right part for your vehicle or not.

Depending on the experience and knowledge you may have, buying used or second-hand auto parts can be complicated. Keep these tips in mind so that buying and trading used auto parts for your car are a hit, good luck!

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