6 points of verification for New Jersey ID

The driver's license is a widely used identification document, making it a prime target for identity thieves. So, to try to minimize fraud, anyone who requests a driving license in new jersey You have to prove your identity. And how many points does the driving license have in NJ? Well, it has 6 points. Each of the possible identification documents is worth a certain number of points under the terms of the state code. Each of these points has a value between one and four points and you cannot use more than two documents from one point. You need to earn at least six points to get your license.

Below you will find the 6 points of verification for New Jersey ID.

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  1. 6 New Jersey Identity Verification Points: Primary Documents
    1. Colon documents
    2. document in three places
    3. documents in four places
  2. 6 Steps to Licensing in New Jersey: Secondary Documents
    1. One point documents
    2. Colon documents
    3. Documents in three places
  3. Address and social security number (additional requirement)
  4. Get ready to apply
  5. New Jersey ID Verification Points - Reminder

6 New Jersey Identity Verification Points: Primary Documents

You need to provide an ID from the list of main state documents. Primary or main documents are worth two to four points.

Colon documents

  • Registration card for foreigners
  • temporary membership card

document in three places

  • Work permit card that includes your photo

documents in four places

  • Current New Jersey driver's license
  • US birth certificate
  • Current or expired US passport under the age of three
  • Foreign passport with immigration or customs verification
  • Certificate of US citizenship
  • US adoption papers
  • Current New Jersey non-driver ID card
  • certificate of naturalization
  • Current NJ digital nautical license
  • Valid photo ID for the US Army on active duty
  • Travel document for refugees.

An Alien Registration Card or Temporary Registration Card counts two points.

Photocopies of these documents are not accepted. You must provide the original document or a certified copy.

IMPORTANT: The New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles no longer accepts Puerto Rican birth certificates issued before July 1, 2010. You can contact the Puerto Rican government for an updated birth certificate if you were born there.

6 Steps to Licensing in New Jersey: Secondary Documents

In New Jersey, you must also submit a secondary document. The value of these documents varies from one to three points.

One point documents

You can use up to two of these documents to provide the six identification points. These documents include:

  • social security card
  • Valid driver's license from another state
  • health insurance card
  • Bank account balance
  • State professional license
  • NJ Social Services Identity Card
  • Property tax return issued by a New Jersey city council
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Veterans Affairs Universal Access ID Card (with photo)
  • ATM with full name and signature of the applicant
  • University degree

Colon documents

  • Valid ID with photo of the US school or university with transcript or school certificate
  • FAA driver's license
  • US Army discharge paperwork
  • Valid photo ID of a government employee
  • Driving license valid for civil servants

Documents in three places

  • Marriage certificate or equivalent document
  • Valid divorce decree
  • Valid New Jersey Firearms Buyer Card
  • US military retiree card with photo
  • Court order for legal name change signed by a judge or chancellor

As for the main documents provided, all must be original documents or certified copies not photocopies.

Address and social security number (additional requirement)

You must provide the Motor Vehicle Commission with your Social Security number. The MVC will match your number, name and date of birth to records in the Social Security Administration database. You must also provide at least one document showing your current address. It could be your high school transcript, property tax, lease agreement, recent utility bill, or recent bank statement.

IMPORTANT: The document showing your address does not count towards the six points. It is an additional requirement.

Get ready to apply

The State Motor Vehicle Commission recommends that you gather all documentation before applying. Documents must be originals or certified copies. You will need to contact the appropriate state or federal agency if you don't have a certified copy on hand. Some documents also require a state or municipal seal to prove authenticity.

IMPORTANT: If your name is different from the name on any of your qualifying documents due to marriage or divorce, you must also present proof of the legal name change.

New Jersey ID Verification Points - Reminder

Various identification documents are assigned a certain number of points. The points of all your documents must add up to at least six so you can get a New Jersey driver's license.

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