8 common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurer

Having a car accident is one of the most terrifying situations we can go through. It may not even be a serious shock, but it always affects us emotionally. Therefore, we must try to remain calm to avoid doing or saying things that could harm us. Below we will explain some of the common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurance company. Remember to avoid them so that your case is resolved in the best possible way.

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  1. Common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurance company
    1. 1. File a complaint when you shouldn't
    2. 2. Do not take photos at the crash site
    3. 3. Don't collect evidence
    4. 4. Say you're okay
    5. 5. Lying about what happened
    6. 6. Offer too much information
    7. 7. Reach agreement quickly
    8. 8. Talk about your request on social networks

Common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurance company

Below you will find a list with the most frequent mistakes made by policyholders when reporting an accident to the insurance company.

1. File a complaint when you shouldn't

If you have collision coverage and you have caused only minor damage to your vehicle, you will probably want to skip the claim.

If the cost of the repair is less than the deductible, you will still receive nothing. If the cost of the repair is only slightly higher than the deductible, it's probably not even worth it, especially since you may need to increase your policy rate on renewal.

In fact, you should file your compensation claims when the situation justifies it, i.e. when the repair costs are significant.

2. Do not take photos at the crash site

According to Jordan Peagler, a personal injury attorney at MKP Law Group in California, you should take a lot of photos at the accident scene.

Do your best to document the weather conditions at the time of the accident. Take photos that record skid marks and road debris. Documenting damage to your vehicle is always helpful, but even more important is the recording of the damage before the vehicles have moved from the accident site.

The position of vehicles in relation to each other, in relation to road signs and how and where the vehicles stopped can play an important role in the acquisition of insurance claims.

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3. Don't collect evidence

They are not just photos, but any kind of evidence you can collect. Obviously, if you have severe injuries, medical attention should be your top priority. Subsequently, The most important thing is to collect all possible evidence at the scene of the accident.

Write down the names of the witnesses and their contact information. Ask for the other driver's insurance information. Ask the police officer for a copy of the report. Remember that gathering evidence at the crash site will help your lawyer a lot, let's just say it will be a good starting point for his job.

4. Say you're okay

Another is misjudging the severity of physical injuries common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurer. Insurance adjusters often call customers after an accident to find out how they are doing. A simple "I feel good" statement can later be used to deny further pain or harm.

Lawyers recommend that until you have complete and complete control over the extent of your injuries, you refrain from committing to a strong position regarding your physical fitness. This will give you the flexibility you need whether the additional damage comes later or not if you don't recover properly.

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5. Lying about what happened

It may occur to you to lie about the circumstances of an accident if you think you are at fault. However, it is important to be truthful so that your request is not subsequently canceled due to a misrepresentation.

Remember that most major intersections have traffic cameras and witness statements are taken very seriously.

6. Offer too much information

The willingness to collaborate and tell the whole story in great detail is another god common mistakes when reporting a car accident to an insurer. Too much information could affect your request.

Simply answer any questions the appraiser or insurance company asks you without offering too many additional comments. Some explanations are unnecessary and may prompt the company to review the complaint. Providing too much information could delay your payment or even lose it.

When taking out an insurance policy, the contract must be respected. This means that you have a legal obligation to the company that sold you the auto insurance. Therefore, you must immediately inform the insurer of your accident and nothing else. The law only requires you to provide the necessary information. Once this is done, you will have fulfilled your responsibility as an insured.

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7. Reach agreement quickly

Insurance companies want to spend as little as possible on claims made by policyholders. Therefore, most often, they try to reach an agreement. They hope that if they make you an offer you will accept it quickly. An appraiser may tell you that the insurer wants to settle with you to "help you".

These types of deals are not in your favor, you will definitely get the money faster. But usually, that's not the amount you deserve.

8. Talk about your request on social networks

others of Mistakes that are frequently made when reporting an accident is sharing information with friends and family through social networks.

Quite often, insurance adjusters use policyholders' social networks to look for information and photos that can help them minimize your damage or injury. Any kind of comment or post that contradicts your statement can undermine your credibility.

Never share information about your accident or medical condition on social media. If someone asks you about the accident or your health, don't reply on your social media profiles. Call or contact your acquaintances privately to let them know.

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