Adriana Aseguranza: Complete review and types of coverage

Do you live in Southern California, speak Spanish and are looking for car insurance that fits your budget? So Adriana Insurance could be your solution.In this article, we explain all the details you need to know about this insurer and we will tell you if Adriana Aseguranza is a good option or not.

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  5. Is Adriana Aseguranza a good option?
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Adriana Aseguranza, local company

The first thing we think about when we hear about "auto insurance" is a large company, with thousands of customers and millions of dollars of premium insurance. And if this description applies to the most famous insurance companies in the country, it is not the case of Adriana Aseguranza.

This company was founded (and is led) by the entrepreneur Adriana Gallardo (hence the name of the company), who, as they tell us in the insurance websiteit is present in various sectors, such as television and marketing, e has been operating in the auto insurance market for about 25 years.

In this way, Adrianas Auto Insurance has most, if not all, of its offices in central and southern California.particularly in Bakersfield, Los Angeles and San Diego, so we can conclude that this is a rather regional company and that it caters for "local" needs.

Adrianas Insurance in Spanish: Customer Service

Adrianas policies and car insurance

According to the information available on the Adriana's Insurance website, the company offers coverage options for any driver in the Southern California region.

From teenage drivers who are just starting to travel, to those with a driving history that many insurers may consider risky, Adriana insurance offers many solutions for a wide range of profiles.

Adriana Assicurazioni also guarantees its customers the best rate, both by negotiating the terms of the policies, and by offering discounts for good driving habits. We will go into the details of the latter later.

What does umbrella insurance mean?

Types of coverage

Among the car insurance offers offered by Adriana Insurance, the following stand out:

  • Civil liability. Provides basic coverage required by California state law. To find out more about this type of insurance, read our article "What is liability insurance?".
  • Physical damages. If your car is damaged by natural disaster, vandalism or theft, the related costs will be borne by the insurer.
  • Full coverage car insurance. This policy includes basic liability coverage required by California law, as well as comprehensive collision and theft protection. To find out in detail what this insurance covers, be sure to read our article "What does full coverage insurance cover?".
  • Windshield replacement. Optional additional coverage allows Adriana Insurance policyholders to recover the costs of windshield replacement services.
  • Road assistance. With this coverage, you can get assistance on the go in the event of a breakdown or accident in your car. To find out what are the best roadside assistance plans currently on the market, read our article "The best roadside assistance plans in the USA".


Adriana's Insurance website doesn't say much about the discounts available for auto insurance policies. However, the company claims to offer discounts to drivers with good driving habits.

Typically, when auto insurance providers offer discounts for good driving, they fall into two categories:

  • Discount for not having accidents. The driver has not reported any incidents for a certain period of time.
  • Discount for absence of infringements. Basically the same as in the previous case, with the difference that those not reported are infractions.

In that sense, for specific details on how good driving discounts work through Adriana's insurance, you must speak directly with the company.

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How to get a quote from Adriana Aseguranza?

Compared to large insurers who offer multiple ways to get quotes, Adriana's insurance is quite limited in this respect. To get a quote from Adriana Aseguranza, you have two options:

  • Through the form that is available in yours Web page;
  • By calling Adriana's Insurance phone: 1-800-435-2997.

You can also contact the insurer via their customer service number, 1-909-291-4040; by e-mail,; and from the live chat platform available on the website.

Adriana's Insurance customer service quality

Adriana's Insurance has received an above average number of customer complaints.

While the company is not rated by AM Best or JD Power, they have received ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and the Business Consumer Alliance. Adriana's is not accredited by the BBB; However, received an "F" rating with three customer reviews for a total of 1 out of 5 stars.

For its part, the Business Consumer Alliance tells a slightly different story: with nearly 1,500 requests to its company profile and three complaints in the past three years, Adriana Aseguranza has a AAA rating.

However, the same profile also shows a consumer complaint resolution rate of 33%. This means that consumers who file a complaint with the company via the Business Consumer Alliance platform are unlikely to receive a resolution through the complaints mediation process.

Spanish Infinity: Customer Service

Is Adriana Aseguranza a good option?

Adriana car insurance it's a great option for Southern California residents looking for a "nearby" insurer who can meet their coverage needs.

While clients won't find the same variety of coverage offered by other companies in the industry in Adriana Aseguranza, at least there they will find the options and insurance policies they need.

For those Spanish-speaking drivers, who have a bad driving record and who need the best possible policy, Adriana's insurance is a particularly good option.

An important thing to keep in mind is that they are an agency, not a supplier. As such, the company has active assignments with the following insurance companies:

  • Etna
  • Blue hymn
  • Blue shield
  • Civic Property
  • Exactly
  • First
  • Kaiser
  • Neighborhood
  • Pacify
  • RLI
  • Western guarantee
  • modern American
  • American family

This means that clients are essentially dealing with a broker who trades on their behalf to get the lowest rate.

That said, expectations may not always be met. Based on numerous negative reviews Adriana's Insurance has received over the past five years, customers often complain of hidden fees, billing issues, and commissions that don't meet their budget needs.

As with any insurance agency, it's always best to ask a lot of questions during the policy purchase process, write down the names of agents you speak to, and ask for written confirmation of any warranties, special offers, discounts, or rate waivers. which are promised.

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Adriana Aseguranza: Final ideas

For Southern California residents looking for a local insurance provider, Adriana's Insurance is a good option. Led by Mexican-born CEO Adriana Gallardo, Adriana Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the region.

With auto insurance policies, as well as a highly skilled bilingual staff, the company is proud to serve the region's residents for over 25 years. As we explained, one of the company's goals is to offer their customers the lowest possible rate, so if you are looking for an affordable policy then this company is your option..


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