AT&T roadside assistance: Prices and how it works

Unfortunately, many people understand the importance of a roadside assistance service when they are injured on the side of the road. This type of service can make the difference between losing an entire day of work and incurring major costs or losing just a few minutes and being taken into account in a timely manner for a small monthly fee. If you are looking for information on the AT&T roadside assistance, Keep reading. We will explain everything you need to know about its prices and how it works.

As usual, we hope we don't have to use a help desk along the way. However, knowing that we have it can give us a lot of peace of mind.. Imagine that you and your family are stuck in an unfamiliar area and the help you need to solve your problem arrives within minutes. Would be great! Of course? Well, that's exactly what you can achieve by hiring a good roadside assistance plan.

Today we will focus on providing you with all the information you need about the service of AT&T roadside assistance so you can decide if this is the right plan for you.

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  1. AT&T roadside assistance: what services does it offer?
  2. How does the AT&T roadside assistance service work?
  3. Prices for AT&T breakdown assistance
  4. AT&T roadside assistance number

AT&T roadside assistance: what services does it offer?

By contracting this assistance plan AT&Tyou will receive several services designed to provide support and peace of mind when you need it. Among the services included in the 24-hour assistance plan you will have:

  • emergency battery start
  • Towing due to mechanical failure
  • Fuel delivery (up to three gallons of gasoline or diesel)
  • Assistance in the event of a tire puncture
  • winch service
  • Assistance in closing and replacing keys (up to $ 75 per accident)
  • Small / temporary adjustments in place to get the car running
  • Bonus: savings on Avis and Budget car rental

How does the AT&T roadside assistance service work?

AT&T Roadside Assistance is offered through the Dominion Motor Club and is an add-on for existing AT&T wireless customers. However, it does not include prepaid plans.

Roadside assistance is tied to your mobile number, not your vehicle; this means that you can ask for help even if you are just a passenger. Roadside Assistance through AT&T is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. AT&T offers you discounts through road protection. You can get up to 25% off Avis car rental and up to 25% off Budget truck rental.

The service is available for legally registered non-commercial passenger vehicles (e.g. sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, minivans, light trucks, etc.).

Points to note about coverage:

  • Recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers and / or vehicles with more than 2 axles and / or more than 4 wheels are not covered.
  • Limited service is provided for non-commercial double trucks, including fuel, starting, locking and key replacement.
  • Vehicles designed or modified for heavy or commercial use (e.g. limousines, emergency vehicles, public transport, heavy trucks, hearses, etc.) are not covered.
  • The service covers towing for mechanical problems only. Towing for accidents, misuse and other damage (such as collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, explosion, driving on curbs or damage caused by aerial debris, road debris and / or weather) is not included, so it should be paid by the customer.

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Prices for AT&T breakdown assistance

Roadside Assistance through AT&T costs $ 2.99 per month and begins 24 hours after enrollment. This service includes 4 events per year, with a maximum of $ 75 each. Since the maximum program benefit is $ 75 per event, the subscriber will be notified by a representative of any charges in excess of this amount. And the amount of any difference must be paid directly to The American Traveler Motor Club at the time of the service.

AT&T roadside assistance number

To request more information about this roadside assistance plan, you must call the AT&T customer service number.

  • AT&T Roadside Assistance Number: 1.877.263.2600.

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