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If you are thinking of buying or selling a car, you most likely want to contact carmax in SpanishL. Of course? Well, in this article you will find all the information you need, telephone numbers, website, social network, etc. we will tell you too what is carmax and how it works. Later in our section on Frequent questionswe will clarify many of the doubts that people who want to communicate with this company usually have.

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  1. Carmax in Spanish: customer service
    1. Other Carmax telephone numbers
  2. Spanish Carmax website and social network
    1. Carmax website
    2. Carmax social network
  3. Other contact information you may need
    1. Address of the company headquarters of Carmax
    2. Address of the Carmax Foundation
  4. What is CarMax and how does it work?
  5. CarMax rates
  6. CarMax sidewalk
  7. How to buy a car on CarMax?
  8. How to sell a car on CarMax?
  9. Frequent questions
    1. How much does CarMax pay for a used car?
    2. Can I trade with CarMax?
    3. Does CarMax offer financing?
    4. Does CarMax offer a guarantee?
    5. Is CarMax MaxCare worth it?
    6. Is CarMax a reliable company?
    7. What is CarMax's return policy?
    8. Does CarMax check my credit score?
    9. Will CarMax buy my car at a good price?

Carmax in Spanish: customer service

If you need to communicate with Carmax in Spanish, we recommend that you call the customer service number which you will find below and ask if a representative can assist you in your language. There is no specific number to answer calls from Spanish-speaking people.

  • Carmax customer service in Spanish: (786) 662-6858

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 21:00, Saturdays from 9:00 to 21:00, Sundays from 12:00 to 19:00.

Other Carmax telephone numbers

  • Carmax Corporate Office Phone: (800) 519-1511
  • Carmax number to respond to supplier requests: (844) 765-5757

Spanish Carmax website and social network

Carmax website

Carmax social network

Other contact information you may need

Address of the company headquarters of Carmax

CarMax Ministry of the Interior

12800 Tuckahoe Creek Parkway

Richmond, VA 23238

Address of the Carmax Foundation

The CarMax Foundation

Attn: Marketing, Foundation

12800 Tuckahoe Creek Parkway

Richmond, VA 23238


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What is CarMax and how does it work?

CarMax is a dealer that sells new and used cars, its main office is in Richmond, Virginia. This company employs more than 27,000 people and has been in the business for nearly 3 decades.

If you wish, you can make your purchase or sale operation online and choose to deliver or collect your car from the curb. However, if you prefer to do this type of handling in person, you can visit a CarMax dealer.

The company has a "no haggle" policy, which means that their prices and valuations are non-negotiable.

CarMax rates

CarMax will not charge you for the purchase or sale of used cars. However, in some cases, you may have to pay some fees when purchasing a vehicle from this dealer. For example:

  • Transfer fee: If a car you are interested in is on another lot, you may have to pay a relocation fee. This generally applies if the vehicle is out of state and the cost will depend on the distance.
  • Processing fee: Like most retailers, some CarMax stores (around 50%) charge retailers fees for paperwork. The amount to be paid can vary between $ 100 and $ 400.
  • Shipping fee: If you buy a car online, you will have to pay a distance-based shipping fee.

CarMax sidewalk

CarMax offers the ability to purchase contactless cars through Curbside. If you wish, you can fill out the necessary documents at home and then go to the nearest CarMax to test the vehicle. Curbside allows car buyers to adhere to social distancing practices when shopping. This service will also help you save time as you will be able to complete most of the process online.

How to buy a car on CarMax?

If you want to buy a car on CarMax, proceed as follows:

  1. Search for vehicles. Enter the desired criteria, model or brand. Add filters by price, year or vehicle type to narrow your search.
  2. Compare cars. CarMax has 360 degree interactive profiles. You can see the interior and get the VIN of a car. You will also have access to a free car history report.
  3. Make payment. Confirm cash payment or get pre-approved for funding.
  4. Organize an exchange. Get an online trade-in offer or make an appointment to have your car valued at a CarMax store.
  5. Set up delivery or collection. You can buy the car online and set up a Carmax store in the United States as a pickup location. Some purchases also qualify for home delivery, in which case it will appear as an option in the list. The other alternative is to schedule a test drive at your location and complete the purchase in person.

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How to sell a car on CarMax?

If you want to sell your car in Carmax, follow these steps:

  1. Give information about the car. Use the form to provide the details of the vehicle you wish to sell. You must enter the make, model, mileage and year.
  2. Assessment. If CarMax is interested in the car, it will send you a message to schedule an evaluation.
  3. Go to the CarMax store. You must take your vehicle to a nearby CarMax store for an evaluation. Bring your car title, payment details and valid ID with you. You should also bring your car keys.
  4. Immediate offer. If the car meets the criteria, CarMax will make you an instant offer valid for up to 7 days. It is not necessary to buy a car from CarMax to sell yours.

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Frequent questions

How much does CarMax pay for a used car?

After submitting your application online, CarMax will thoroughly inspect your car to provide an accurate assessment. Their expert appraisers will rate your car based on the following:

  • General conditions
  • Mileage
  • accident history
  • Interior condition of the car Does it have holes, marks or burns?
  • Exterior condition of the car Does it have dents, damage or bumps?

Can I trade with CarMax?

CarMax has a "no contract" buy and sell policy. The price you see is what you will pay. On the other hand, the offer they will make for your car is the only one they will accept. There is no trading option. This makes managing with this company very quick and easy.

Does CarMax offer financing?

Yes, CarMax offers auto finance through various sources including CarMax Auto Finance, a division of CarMax. Their funding rates vary between 3 and 5% to 20% in April, with contracts lasting between 36 and 72 months. Most credit profiles will qualify for CarMax financing, and those with lower credit may choose to include a co-buyer.

CarMax offers quick financing decisions, typically in less than 20 minutes. The process is quick and easy.

  • click on this link for pre-approval for funding or speak to a sales consultant.
  • CarMax will review your credit history, vehicle details, application information and down payment.
  • You will receive a transparent financing offer without negotiating. Remember that CarMax does not negotiate APR.

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Does CarMax offer a guarantee?

CarMax offers a limited warranty covering major vehicle systems (transmission, electronics, engine, powertrain, steering, cooling, air conditioning and suspension) for 90 days or up to 4,000 miles.

Is CarMax MaxCare worth it?

CarMax MaxCare is the extended warranty of the brand. MaxCare covers the major components of your car, including any part of the manufacturer's maintenance program. The deductible will be between $ 100 and $ 500 per repair, and the plan price is between $ 1,000 and $ 8,500, depending on the vehicle.

You will only be able to sign up for the MaxCare plan when you purchase the vehicle. MaxCare complaints are not handled directly by CarMax but by one of its partners. The plan will not cover any repairs without prior authorization and will not cover the exhaust system or catalytic converter.

So, is CarMax MaxCare worth it or not? This will depend on the cost of your plan and your financial situation. The policy is slightly cheaper than the budget plans, but MaxCare also has a high deductible. Therefore, for full coverage, it is best to choose a third party warranty.

Is CarMax a reliable company?

CarMax is a legitimate company, but it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an overall rating of 1.09 out of 5 stars.

Common user concerns include problems with used vehicles, problems getting warranties and low prices to sell their cars to Carmax. However, many customers have also had great experiences buying and selling cars on CarMax.

What is CarMax's return policy?

You can return any car purchased from CarMax within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

Does CarMax check my credit score?

Yes, CarMax will check your credit score. This is one of the aspects they will take into consideration when determining your financing options. However, this company suits a wide range of credit profiles.

Will CarMax buy my car at a good price?

CarMax offers good deals compared to other auto dealers. However, you can get a larger amount for your car if you sell it yourself to a private buyer.

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