How can I buy cars at auctions in the United States?

If you are looking for vehicles at a good price, you have probably asked yourself many times: How can I buy cars at auctions? In truth, you are not the only one. It can be said that, every day, thousands of people in the United States are asking the same thing. However, not everyone will be able to participate because it is a market usually reserved for large distributors.

Which leaves us with two options: Get a special reseller license or go to a reseller. The first option isn't the most recommended, since getting a license to buy cars at auction it can get very complicated, in addition to the fact that the process (and requirements) totally depend on the state you are in.

For example, in Washington state, to get it, you need to have a location and a place, which not everyone can afford (especially if you just want to buy a car). And no wonder. After all, These licenses are intended for those who wish to engage in the business of buying and reselling used cars.. That is, to the massive sale.

But this isn't the only option for buying cars at auction. There are several alternatives that can be of great help to you, and in this article we tell you which ones they are. Also, we will explain what a car auction is like and leave you with some tips that will be very useful to you.

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  1. Car auctions open to the public
  2. How can I buy cars at auctions?
    1. 1. Find auctions in your area
    2. 2. Register in advance
    3. 3. Compare the available cars
    4. 4. Inspect the vehicle
    5. 5. The interesting part begins: the offer
    6. 6. If the car doesn't sell, negotiate with the owner
    7. 7. Pay for the car and transfer the title
  3. How can I buy cars at auctions: what you should know
  4. Frequently asked questions about buying cars at auctions in the United States
    1. How to buy Copart cars at auction?
    2. How are car auctions?
    3. What are the best car auctions in the United States?
    4. How to buy a car online?

Car auctions open to the public

There are three types of vehicle auctions open to all, regardless of whether they are licensed or not:

  • Government auctions / police departments. These include police car auctions, vehicles like buses, trucks, and more. Cars seized for traffic violations and crimes are also often sold. However, in these auctions you will find stiff competition from used car dealers, taxi companies and exporters, as well as people who know the true value of cars, so You should only go to them if you are an automobile expert.

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  • Public auctions. Here you can find salvaged vehicles from banks, wholesale lots, junk, last minute trade-ins, and sometimes high-end sports cars and SUVs. The quality and reliability of stock varies from auction to auction, so be prepared in advance. As these auctions have gained popularity in recent times, the competition for the best bids is fierce. Indeed, you can end up paying more than the market price if you're not careful.

How can I buy cars at auctions?

Each auction site is different and has its own procedures and requirements; but in general, These are the steps to follow to buy cars at auctions.

1. Find auctions in your area

In this first step, The Internet will be your great ally. Search like "car auction + name of the city / state you live in". When you find one that interests you, check if they have a catalog of the vehicles that will be auctioned.. These catalogs typically contain information about each car's model, its ownership history, and potential maintenance and repair costs.

2. Register in advance

Normally it is necessary to register in advance for the auction and show an identification document. You may also be asked for proof of sufficient funds, so have a bank statement, credit card statement, or pre-approval for a car loan on hand.

3. Compare the available cars

Don't rush to bid on the first car you see. Instead, carefully evaluate each vehicle and compare them. If the seller is up for auction, ask why he decided to sell the vehicle and if any repairs were done. If you have any questions or concerns, please raise them before the auction and not after the auction has started.

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4. Inspect the vehicle

If it is possible, carefully check the interior and exterior of the car to check for defects such as accident signs, rust or broken parts. Check your registration documents and VIN number.

You can find the VIN number on the dashboard, driver's door and in front of the engine. Having it on hand is importantsince with it you can search the vehicle's history to find out who its owners were, the accidents it has suffered and the repairs they have carried out.

5. The interesting part begins: the offer

Interesting because it's time to address other people who are also interested in your future car. Vehicles usually have a reserve pricewhich marks the lowest amount that can be accepted.

If no offer reaches the reserve price, the seller may decide not to sell the car. But if an offer exceeds the reserve price, the seller must accept it.

If the highest bid equals or exceeds the reserve price, the seller is obligated to complete the sale.. Whatever car you are interested in buying, keep the market value in mind to determine if you are really winning.

6. If the car doesn't sell, negotiate with the owner

Because of this, obtain the data of the seller through the auctioneer and negotiate directly with him.

7. Pay for the car and transfer the title

If you were successful with the offer, the next step is to pay and change the title. At the end of the auction you will be asked to pay a deposit equal to 10% of the value of the car, so it's a good idea to get a pre-approval offer from multiple lenders to prove you have available funds. As for how to transfer the car title, the process and requirements will depend on the state you are in.

How can I buy cars at auctions: what you should know

Do you feel ready to start bidding? Next, we leave you a few tips to make your auction experience run smoothly.

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  • Be honest with yourself. If you don't have the skills and tools to deal with any mechanical problems that may arise, don't talk about it. If you are looking for inexpensive transportation, don't let it turn into an expensive repair..
  • Use your eyes. Cars at public and government auctions are sold as you see them. Like this look at everything and look for signs of repairs like excess paint, less smooth metal sheets, scratched brake discs, an uneven posture and a million other details. Also use your nose, hands and legs. If the car smells like mold or the carpet is wet, walk away.
  • Check the auctions. If a car has been properly maintained, As you pull the oil or transmission fluid dipsticks, the lubricants will appear clear and clean. The reverse is not a good sign.
  • Know the market value of the car. With online resources such as Kelly's Blue Book And edmunds you can get an idea average value of used cars. There are also other tools like Craigslist or classifieds that can be very useful.
  • Observe the other participants. Go to a few auctions before joining one. Take your time and study how they develop. Look for signs of suspicious action, such as bidders appearing to be active in every auction; they may simply be trying to raise prices, which is not a good sign.

Frequently asked questions about buying cars at auctions in the United States

How to buy Copart cars at auction?

Copart is one of the most popular online car auction sites. For buy cars at Copart auctionall you have to do is register, search for a car and place a bid.

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How are car auctions?

As we explained, cars have a reserve price in an auction, and if the bids are not equal to or higher than this, the car is not sold. Moreover, many different people participate in an auction and the competition can be tough, then it is important that you prepare yourself as much as you can.

What are the best car auctions in the United States?

It is difficult to determine what the best car auctions in america, as there are a huge number of players on the market. However, according to the site LifeWire, the top seven auctions are eBay Motors, Salvage Bid, Auto Auction Mall, A Better Bid, Purple Wave, IAAI and Cranky Ape.

How to buy a car online?

The process for buy a car online It depends on the site you choose, but usually you have to register on the site, search for the car you want and make the purchase according to the terms and conditions of the site.

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