How to cancel a car in Texas [Step by step]

The cancellation of a car from the DMV is a procedure that must be performed once it is sold, to be exempt from liability. This procedure is carried out at the corresponding DMV office (Motor Vehicle Department). In this article we will explain how to cancel a car in texas

After you have sold a vehicle, you must carry out this procedure to avoid problems and charges that do not correspond to you, in short, the cancellation of the car you have sold will allow you to free yourself from responsibilities that are no longer yours but of the new owner. If not and the current vehicle owner is involved in an accident or receives a ticket, these will automatically be recorded in your record.

Once you cancel a car, you are no longer responsible for paying the annual registration, smog control and some other expenses associated with the vehicle. Remember that in order to cancel a car, you need to go through a process that involves both the seller and the buyer.

Texas car title change

How to cancel a car in Texas

When this procedure is performed in front of the DMV, it must be indicated whether it is a change of ownership of the car or simply your willingness to remove the vehicle from circulation.. In case you want to take the car off the streets, you need to bring the license plate, the registration card and the stickers to the DMV office. You must also fill in the forms that are indicated to you at the office.

If what you want is to cancel a car because you sold it, you need to do the following:

  1. Go with the buyer to a DMV office and bring the title of the original car. Remember they have a maximum of 30 days to complete the vehicle title once it is sold.
  2. Submit the "Vehicle Transfer Notification", with this procedure you expressly indicate to the DMV that you are transferring ownership of the car, you can do this online by indicating the license plate number, the car VIN and the owner information. To do click here to submit your «Vehicle Transfer Notice».

How do i know if i have a fine in Texas?

It is important to know that if you are selling your used vehicle through a dealer, they will not change ownership to their name, so you will continue to be the owner. Therefore, we recommend that you make a "Vehicle Transfer Notice" to release yourself from any liability relating to the vehicle. Always remember that the VTN must be done within 30 days of the sale.

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