How to know the value of my car in the United States?

Finding the right price to sell a used car is an art. Whoever does it needs a perfect combination of research and intuition. If you set the right price, you will get the value you ask for your car quickly and easily. But if you set the wrong price, you may have to wait weeks or even months for a call from someone interested in buying your used vehicle.

Buying a car, new or used, is exciting, but we know that getting rid of the current one can be stressful. Most people who decide to trade in their cars want to avoid the hassle of selling them themselves, so they leave that job to the dealers. But regardless of your decision, it is important that you know the true value of your car before starting any negotiations on its price..

So when it comes to properly evaluating your used car, you should try to make it competitive with one in the higher end of your price range. This gives you room for negotiation and at the same time gives you the opportunity to find a great price that will make you good money. One of the easiest ways is to decide on the price you want to end up at and then work backwards..

Additionally, there are numerous resources that can help you find the price sweet spot so you can get good money for your used car. Here we will give you some guidelines that will help you in this important process.

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  1. Consider the current market
    1. family sedan
    2. Sports car or convertible
    3. trucks or vans
    4. collector car
  2. Consult the price guides
  3. look at your competition
  4. Rate your car competitively
  5. trust your intuition
  6. Research equals reward
  7. Books can overestimate your self
  8. Books can overestimate your self

Consider the current market

What request does your car have? Can you ask for the best price? Is this the best time to sell it? Here are some rules that may help you answer these questions better.

family sedan

These cars are quite boring for car enthusiasts, but they are constantly in demand by people who need the simplest and most effective means of transportation.

Sports car or convertible

To get the price of these cars, it really depends on the seasons in which the sale is made. If it is done in the fall or winter, it may take a little longer, unless you live in a city where there is good weather all year round.

trucks or vans

These cars are often used for work and are constantly sold at competitive prices, but in many cases at very different prices even if we are talking about the same model. This is because in this category, the condition of the vehicle will vary greatly in price.

collector car

They take a little longer to sell, so don't rush. Not only are they difficult to evaluate, but they also take longer to sell. However, if they are in great condition, you can ask for good amounts of money. Be patient and wait for the right buyer.

You will also need to take into consideration any other market conditions that could impact your used vehicle. For example, if your car is hybrid or has good fuel economy and gas prices are currently high, you are more likely to find interested buyers. Also, if gasoline prices are at an all-time low, you could sell your car pretty quickly.

Consult the price guides

You can use Kelley Blue Books, edmunds and other market guides to determine the fair value of your car. True Market Value and Kelley Blue Book pricing are adjusted to factors such as condition, color, options, mileage, and even the US region. It is important to understand that the prices in these books are transaction prices, not sales prices.. The asking price is where you want to end up after negotiations, so make sure you set a higher price than what these guides give you. Also, don't forget to check out different price guides to be able to compare.

look at your competition

We recommend that you check prices on sites like Craigslist, eBay Motors, Auto Trader, and others to determine if your selling price is within the competition. most these sites offer advanced searches that allow you to find other vehicles so you can make a great comparison. You will also need to compare the condition of the cars, geographic location, gas mileage and other factors to guide you in determining your price.

Rate your car competitively

After checking the competition's prices, you should leave yourself some room for negotiation so that you don't have to take big losses to get a sale.

While it is important to value your used car competitively, don't be afraid to have a strong pricing strategy along with a slightly higher price for your car. This is especially true for cars in very good condition with low mileage. Take advantage of the fact that your car is in high demand.

trust your intuition

Once you've done the above, it's time to trust your instincts. If you already know your car is desirable or have been told how great it is, you can evaluate accordingly. Remember to be cautious when asking too high a price. You can go down until you start getting calls, then adjust the price and increase slightly as demand increases. However, don't go too low in the beginning because people will call and want to buy it right away.

Research equals reward

The more you research, the more likely you are to get the selling price you want. Whether you're selling a Honda Civic or a 1964 Studebaker Avanti, prices take time and research.. If you do your homework well, you will sell your vehicle and earn more!

Books can overestimate your self

The auto market is very liquid and prices can fluctuate very frequently because the market is localized and book values ​​often don't take this into account. For example, at any given time, some models may be out of stock in the local market.

This means your vehicle is popular, but there aren't enough cars to meet the demand, so your car's value is higher and you can sell it for a higher price.

Books can overestimate your self

In an opposite scenario, your local market may be saturated with cars for sale similar to yours. In this case, you need to value your car more economically in order to be able to sell it.. Otherwise you risk wasting time and effort and having to lower the price anyway.

The standard question that private sellers ask themselves is "why isn't my car selling?" and the answer is because they value cars by book value. If the car is in good condition, the answer may be that there are too many similar cars competing for the same potential buyers.

We often see this with the models carried by the rental companies. Very often car rental companies liquidate their fleet and this causes the prices of some models to lower. It happened recently at Nissan Altimas - book values ​​were at least $ 2,000 more than the actual prices at which the latest Altimas are selling. The reason is that most of the car rental companies have started selling their fleet and this has brought prices down.

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