How to pay a toll in Texas

Most toll roads in Texas have no cash points. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems have been implemented on many roads. In this article we will explain how to pay a toll in texas using the payment methods currently accepted at the toll booths in this state.

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  2. How to pay a toll in Texas: frequently asked questions
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    2. How do I know if I owe a toll in Dallas, Texas?
    3. How to pay a toll online?

How to pay a toll in Texas

Currently, there are several agencies in Texas dedicated to the maintenance and management of state highways. As part of their responsibility, these government agencies are responsible for establishing, managing and controlling the payment of tolls. Not being the same agency responsible for all roads in the state, some payment methods may vary slightly depending on the area you drive in.

Toll administrators and controllers have implemented their own tools and methods for paying tolls in Texas. However, they also accept other electronic payment systems, but not all.

Today Texas tolls can be paid using some electronic payment systems such as TxTag, NTTA TollTag, HCTRA EZ Tag, EZ TAG. You can also use a video toll system such as Pay by Mail on TxDOT Highways or ZipCash on NTTA Highways.

The operation of these electronic payment devices is very simple, if you have installed the Tolltag, TxTag or another label like PikePass which is accepted to pay toll in Texas, it will be scanned as you drive under the automatic readers in the places indicated as stations.

If you don't have any of the accepted electronic payment labels, the agency's system takes a picture of your license plate and they send you an invoice by post which you will have to pay following the instructions of the corresponding agency. Typically, these invoices are only sent when a certain amount is reached.

If you frequently ride toll roads, it will be cheaper to get a TollTag or TxTag.

Next one, we will tell you how to pay a toll in Texas using different payment methods.

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TxTag is a label issued by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) which allows drivers to use the toll lanes without having to stop to pay. The TxTag electronic system can be used throughout the state of Texas.

To start using this automatic toll payment system you need to register To open an account with prepaid tolls of $ 20. You will then receive a kit with your TxTag electronic device and everything you need to start using it.

For more information on this electronic toll payment system, see our article How to pay TxTag?

Please note that there are bridges on the Mexico-Texas border that accept cash only. In all other places, you can use the TxTag.

NTTA toll number

toll label is a toll payment system similar to TxTag, but is issued by the North Texas Thruway Authority (NTTA). It also allows motorists to pay tolls without stopping at pay booths. To join this system you need to register and open a TollTag account. To open a TollTag account, an initial payment of $ 40 is required for up to three TollTags. Customers must maintain a positive account balance, which can be verified online. Accounts can be secured by credit card, check or cash.

For more information, you can contact them by telephone via the NTTA customer service number.


This is a label used by toll agencies in Houston, Texas. It also allows motorists to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths. Likewise, EZ TAG can be used on all Texas toll road lanes that receive electronic toll collection. Follow the link below at open an EZTag account and start using this toll payment method.


This system, known as PPass, also includes a tag that you need to install on your vehicle to pay tolls. The simplest alternative to get and start using the PikePass electronic device is open and create an account on line.


Currently, the devices K-TAG they can be used on the Kansas Turnpike and any toll road (Licensed Facility) in Oklahoma and Texas. To open a KTag account log in here.


Some bridges and toll roads in Texas still accept cash as a method of payment.

How to pay a toll in Texas: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from drivers who use Texas roads on a regular or occasional basis.

How to pay the license plate toll in Texas?

To pay your license plate toll in Texas, you need to go to the pay page of the agent who handles the tolls on the highway or road where you drove your car. For example, if you have passed through a street managed by TxDOT, go to the section "Pay the bill". Once there, you can enter your license plate number, country and state to check your statement and pay any outstanding tolls.

As usual, It is very easy to use license plate or invoice payment systems. You just have to enter the required data and the system will show you the amount of your debt and will provide you with instructions to make the corresponding payment.

Please note that if you receive a bill or toll ticket in the mail and have installed an automatic payment device accepted in your car at the toll booths you drove your car through, it is possible that your electronic tag or transponder has not been read. In this case you should check that the device is working properly, otherwise you should replace it.

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How do I know if I owe a toll in Dallas, Texas?

If you need to know if you have any outstanding tolls in Dallas, Texas, you can do the following: go to ntta page, there you will find a space to enter the license plate number and the stateAfter entering this information, the system will tell you if you have an outstanding balance. You can also call the customer service number for the Tollway in Dallas, Texas.

In case you have received a pickup note from NTTA, you can use the same website to log in using the account number and pin indicated on the ticket.

How to pay a toll online?

Paying tolls online is usually a very simple process. If you have received a collection notice or an invoice you must enter the website of the agency that sent you the correspondence, specifically in the payments section and enter the information they require, they will generally ask you for an invoice number, license plate and status.

If you are already registered and have a username and password, you can access your account and make the payment by following the system instructions.

If you do not have an account, you do not use the electronic toll payment system and you have not received a collection notification, but you suspect that you have a pending toll payment, The first thing you should do is find out which agency is managing the toll booth you passed through with your vehicle. Next, you need to enter the payments section of the corresponding agency to consult and pay the amount due. For example, if you suspect that you need to pay TxDOT tolls, you must enter the payments section of this agency to check the statement and pay the amount due. In this case you will be asked for your license plate number, country and state.

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