How to pay tolls in New York?

If you're just starting to drive in this state or just visiting, you'll probably want to know how to pay tolls in new york to avoid fines. Read on, in this article you can clarify all your doubts about the payment methods accepted at New York toll booths.

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  1. How to pay tolls in New York?
  2. How to pay the toll in New York with E-ZPass?
    1. How to get an e-ZPass in New York?
    2. Where do you buy the e ZPass?
    3. How much does the EZ Pass cost?
  3. Pay tolls in New York with the Nexus Card
  4. Pay for tolls in New York with ExpressPass
  5. How to pay for your Toll Road NY ticket: Other payment methods
    1. Pay cash
    2. pay later
    3. pay by mail
    4. pay in advance
  6. How to pay tolls in NYC if you are visiting
    1. E-ZPass for rental cars
    2. E-ZPass® on the go
    3. License plate passage

How to pay tolls in New York?

As in many states in the United States, in New York there are tolls (Tolls) on freeways, highways, bridges and tunnels. A big advantage is that these tolls are for the most part "cashless" and avoid traffic congestion. What's more, if you pay with an automatic system you can save up to 30% on tolls.

The simplest and most recommended option for paying tolls in New York is E-ZPass. But what is E-ZPass? E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system used on most toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in the Midwest and eastern United States, to far south Florida and western Illinois. It is the most widely used toll collection system in New York. Here's how to pay New York tolls with E-ZPass and how to get an E-ZPass in New York. We will also tell you about other toll payment methods accepted in this state.

How to pay the toll in New York with E-ZPass?

E-ZPass works by using a small electronic transponder that It is installed on the windshield of the vehicle. When you travel on any toll road, highway, tunnel or bridge, the system will debit the payment from your E-ZPass account. Therefore, to start paying tolls in New York with this automatic payment system, you need to take an e-ZPass (tag or transponder) and install it in your car.

How to get an e-ZPass in New York?

To get an e-ZPass in New York, the first thing to do is sign up for e-ZPass. To do this, select your state or province and enter the required information. Next, you need to get the e-ZPass electronic transponder.

Where do you buy the e ZPass?

You can get an E-ZPass On-the-Go at a local retail close to your home or download an application from the e-ZPass portal and fax or mail it to the E-ZPass NY Customer Service Center at the following address: PO Box 149001, Staten Island, NY 10314-9001.

How much does the EZ Pass cost?

E-ZPass On-the-Go tags or devices they cost $ 25 if you buy them at an authorized retailer in upstate New York. On the other hand, if you buy them in New York or Long Island, the price will be 30 dollars.

Pay tolls in New York with the Nexus Card

The NEXUS card It is a binational card (Canada-United States), whose goal is to speed up border crossings. It helps you save on tolls and is accepted on some highways. If you have a NEXUS card, you can pay your toll in advance.

Pay for tolls in New York with ExpressPass

The ExpressPass is for the exclusive use of passenger cars. With an ExpressPass you can prepay your tolls and cross the border between Canada and the United States quickly and easily.

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How to pay for your Toll Road NY ticket: Other payment methods

Pay cash

Cash payments can be made using the Moneygram platform. To locate the nearest office click here.

pay later

If you are unable to pay when the toll is executed, you always have the option to pay later online using Tolls by mail. Payment via the web can be made by entering the license plate number or the receipt number that was sent to you by post.

pay by mail

If you wish, you can also pay for a Toll Road NY ticket in the mail. In this case the payment must be sent (along with a copy of the invoice) to Tolls by Mail Payment Processing Center PO Box 15183 Albany, NY 12212-5183

pay in advance

If you are planning a trip to New York you can make advance payments through the page Tolls by mail.

Please note that if you have any questions, you can contact the Toll by Mail NY Customer Service Center at 1-844-TBM-8400 (1-844-826-8400).

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How to pay tolls in NYC if you are visiting

If you are from another state and have an automatic payment device installed in your car, The first thing to do is to check if it is one of the accepted payment systems in New York. If so, you won't have any problems, you can keep using it as you usually do. Many of the payment systems used in New York are also valid in other states. However, it is important to know that not everyone is equally accepted everywhere.

If you do not have any of the accepted toll payment mechanisms in New York and depending on how long you plan to stay in this state, it is better to get an E-ZPass, the most used automatic toll payment system in New York. It is also accepted in other states of the union.

In case you already have an E-ZPass from one of the following states, you can use it without problems in New York:

  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • North Carolina
  • Illinois
  • New Hampshire
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Kentucky
  • Rhode Island
  • Maine
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • West Virginia

We remind you that the price of tolls varies according to the times of greater or lesser traffic, therefore, We recommend that you have enough balance in your E-ZPass so you can cover the cost of the tickets without inconvenience.

E-ZPass for rental cars

If you are a tourist and have rented a car, you have the option of using the car license plate, as long as the rental agency allows it. The company must authorize the transfer of the rental car license plate so that you can register it in the E-ZPass. If the rental agency allows you to use this payment method, register with E-ZPass NY in advance and have the license plate transponder delivered to your home address. To follow this link to sign up for E-ZPass.

E-ZPass® on the go

On-the-Go is a payment mechanism that can be easily used by tourists. Just purchase an E-ZPass tag from an authorized reseller and register it. You can start enjoying the service right away. These labels are available at authorized retailers in New York State for $ 25.. Within New York City or Long Island, the cost of the tag is $ 30.

To register the tag, go to the E-ZPass website online or call 1-800-697-1554. The $ 25.00 or $ 30.00 will be charged to the account once the tag or sticker is registered.

The E-ZPass On-the-Go transponder can be collected at New York stores indicate here. E-ZPass On-the-Go purchased in New York is also accepted in the states listed above.

License plate passage

License plate passage is an electronic toll payment system that you can consider even if you are visiting New York. This payment method allows vehicle lessees to use high-speed electronic collection lanes and, in this way, avoiding traffic jams in the checkout aisles or paying tolls at stands where cash is not accepted.

With this service, you can avoid costly toll violation fines that apply to drivers using high-speed toll lanes without a tag or payment device. You will be charged the toll fee in cash or by post, whichever is higher, plus a per day rental service fee up to a maximum weekly or monthly. However, While it's an easy option, it can be more expensive than getting an E-ZPass On-the-Go or opt for the daily flat rate of a car rental agency.

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