Should I buy used car parts?

If you have a car that you use regularly, chances are you will need to have it repaired at any time as mechanical components in vehicles age and wear out. Depending on the type of repair and the parts that need to be changed, the work can be expensive. But, Should I buy used car parts? This is exactly what we will analyze in this article.

One way to reduce the cost of a repair is to buy used parts. However, It is not always convenient to buy used parts. There are parts that can continue to perform very well after a few years of use, but that's not always the case. In some cases it is better for you to go to sale of auto parts new one.

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  1. Is it worth buying used auto parts?
    1. 1. Cost reduction
    2. 2. Availability of spare parts
    3. 3. Restructuring
    4. 4. OEM standards
    5. 5. Respectful of the environment
  2. Which auto parts should I buy new and which can I buy used?
    1. What auto parts can I buy used?
    2. Which auto parts can I buy refurbished or refurbished?
    3. What Auto Parts Should I Buy New?

Is it worth buying used auto parts?

Keep in mind that if you want to repair your car or restore a classic, buying used car parts has several advantages. You will find that, on many occasions, you get used parts as an alternative to the new parts you need. Furthermore, they are equally effective and inexpensive.

In fact, when you buy new parts, you will not have an absolute guarantee that they will not give problems later.

Here are five reasons why you should buy used parts:

1. Cost reduction

The most obvious and conspicuous advantage of buying used car parts is the savings. Auto parts are expensive and often pay more for the fact that they have never been used. Especially for older vehicles that require the replacement of vital parts, used auto parts are the most affordable option. There is no point in buying a new part for a 19 year old car with over 200,000 miles. In this case, a used part would be perfect.

But that doesn't mean you should simply replace old car parts with other used parts. The reasons we present below will reveal why. used auto parts are also great for newer vehicle models and how they can save drivers thousands of dollars compared to dealer parts.

2. Availability of spare parts

There are several used auto parts sellers, including landfills, online retailers, auto auctions, auto parts stores and used auto parts dealers. This makes it very easy and convenient to find just about any used car part you need, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. Just make sure you choose a company that is well established, experienced and with a good reputation within the community. A company with these credentials is generally recommended to purchase used auto parts.

3. Restructuring

Some used car parts have been refurbished which means they have been treated and tuned by a professional, making them as effective and valuable as a new part. Although refurbished parts are a little more expensive, they are still cheaper than new ones. Really, in many cases it is worth the extra cost.

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4. OEM standards

Today, many used auto parts meet OEM standards, which stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer Standards". This means that they are not parts made by third parties, but by the original car manufacturer. This ensures that the parts have been made specifically for the make and model of the vehicle. OEM parts will be labeled as such and sellers will advertise them as such.

5. Respectful of the environment

Buying used auto parts is environmentally friendly as it preserves the Earth's natural resources. Reduces the need to mine new steel to produce more parts. Both mining and manufacturing can negatively affect the environment, and the purchase of used parts contributes to the conservation of the ecosystems and natural resources that surround us. Below you can check your state regulation regarding the green car driving.

Which auto parts should I buy new and which can I buy used?

There has always been a debate about whether to buy new or used car parts. It is an extremely important topic and not taken lightly by car enthusiasts. However, it is a mistake to focus only on this. Instead of thinking about all the parts of your vehicle, you should focus the discussion on the part that needs to be changed.

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What auto parts can I buy used?

There are some parts that cost quite a bit of money to purchase new ones. One of the things to consider when choosing between the new and the old is to consider the cost of each and whether there is value in buying a used one.

non-mechanical parts

The non-mechanical parts of your car are safe enough to buy used and installed.. This would include things like body panels, bumpers, interior components, or windows. These parts are not essential to the operation of your vehicle, so it is quite safe and easy to replace components.

Before buying any used part, do some research on it. Check that the part matches your vehicle model, inspect it and make sure it is in good condition. You are likely to find minor imperfections. This is not very important as long as they do not interfere with the efficient and safe operation of the part.

When it comes to static parts, such as body panels or bumpers, you'll want to make sure the attachment points are intact. For moving parts, like the window motor or lights, check that they work. Do not purchase a used part that has not been tested. There is no guarantee that the removed part will function properly.

Here is a short list of parts you can buy used. You generally won't have a problem with these parts.

  • body panels
  • Bumper
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Petrol cap
  • hubcaps
  • Grill
  • interior upholstery
  • Steering wheel
  • Music equipment and speakers
  • Roof and engine
  • Front and rear lights
  • Glasses and engines


If the used part you need isn't covered under warranty, don't buy it. The parts used are not necessarily faulty, but you want to have some degree of certainty that the part will work.

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Which auto parts can I buy refurbished or refurbished?

This category corresponds to used parts that have been restored and tested. Refurbished parts have the advantage of being repaired and tested by the original manufacturer. Refurbished parts, on the other hand, are repaired to function properly, but not by the original manufacturer.

The ECU unit or the alternator of your car are two parts that can be restored or refurbished, both are expensive when bought new. Another common component that is refurbished is the transmission. These are parts you can buy used, but you should make sure the part has been refurbished from a reputable source and is under warranty.

Here is a list that you can use as a guide to help you decide whether a refurbished or refurbished part is worth buying.

  • Alternator
  • camshaft
  • fan
  • dashboard indicators
  • engine block
  • they fly
  • Fuel injector
  • petrol pump
  • Oil pump
  • Radiator
  • Transmission
  • turbocharger

Remember that each case is different. You and your mechanic need to make the right decision based on your vehicle and your particular situation.

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What Auto Parts Should I Buy New?

When talking about new parts as a general rule, It is advisable to buy those that for their use must be replaced regularly. When the useful life of some parts is relatively short, it is unwise to invest in used parts that will have an even shorter useful life.

When we refer to parts with a short useful life, we are talking for example of filters, belts and wiring. These components wear out relatively quickly compared to the rest of the parts in your vehicle. You will also find that these new parts are not that expensive, so you won't save much by buying them used.

Here is a list of the parts you should only buy new.

  • Battery
  • Disc brakes / rotors and pads
  • Catalyst
  • Airbags and sensors
  • Air filter
  • ignition coil, capacitor and points
  • Wheel and cylinder bearings
  • Switches and sensors used throughout the car
  • Oil filter
  • Caps


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