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The Illinois Tollway operates and maintains approximately 294 miles of interstate toll roads in 12 Northern Illinois counties. Therefore, it is very likely that at some point you have traveled the roads of its highway system. In this article, Telephone number of the Spanish motorwayyou will find all the information you need if you want to contact the Illinois State Turnpike Authority (IT IS THATfor its acronym in English).

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  1. Spanish motorway telephone number (800 824 7277)
    1. Other toll telephone numbers
  2. highway office
  3. Toll social network
  4. Contact the Illinois Tollway online
  5. How to pay the toll in Illinois
    1. Pay the toll with I-PASS
    2. Pay online for the Illinois highway toll booth
    3. What happens if you don't pay the Illinois toll?
  6. Violations on an Illinois highway
    1. Never ignore an Illinois Tollway ticket
  7. Unpaid tolls and pending invoices (TOLLING 2020)

Spanish motorway telephone number (800 824 7277)

  • Toll Phone Number (Illinois): (630) -2416800 / (630) -2417302 (TTY)
  • Tollway Customer Service Number: 800 8247277
  • Telephone number of the Spanish motorway: There is no unique number to serve in Spanish, you need to call the customer service phone number.
  • Illinois Toll Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
  • Illinois Tollway Website:

Other toll telephone numbers

  • Building Information Number: 800 8655394
  • Downers Grove: +1 630-241-6800

highway office

The address of the Main Illinois Tollway office It can be very useful in case you need to perform the procedures yourself.

  • Highway of Illinois
  • Viale Ogden 2700
  • Downers Grove, IL 60515

Toll social network

Contact the Illinois Tollway online

To contact the I Pass service team online, you can fill out the form on their website, specifically in the Contact section.

Follow the next steps:

  1. Walk in to the bottom of the page and tap "The customer service team"
  2. Fill out the form with the requested data
  3. Write your question or comment
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA
  5. Click on "send"

IMPORTANT: To protect your safety, never send credit cards, driver's license numbers or any other information that could be used fraudulently.

We recommend that you manage your account online or by calling Motorway telephone number to 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277).

Sunpass telephone number

How to pay the toll in Illinois

You can pay tolls on Illinois highways using an electronic I-PASS tag or in cash. You can also pay later online if you cross an unattended checkout lane or an electronic toll lane.

Pay the toll with I-PASS

I-PASS is an electronic toll collection system that it is used to make the automatic payment of tolls. Lanes designated "open road toll" eliminate the need for drivers to stop at toll booths to pay. Users can register an account online and enter a credit card number for automatic toll billing.

There is a huge incentive to use an I-PASS. If you join this payment method you will only have to pay 50 percent of the regular toll amount and you will contribute to a better traffic flow since you won't have to stop paying.

I-PASS holders who respond within 30 days of a violation can have all additional penalties revoked. Therefore, drivers will only pay the actual amount of the unpaid toll.

Pay online for the Illinois highway toll booth

Illinois Tollway has a plate system to pay unpaid tolls safely when traveling without an I-Pass transponder.

To pay for unpaid tolls, vehicle information must be entered and the Illinois Tollway will indicate the cash fare to be paid. With this license plate payment method, you will only be able to enter data within 10 days of using a toll road.

With the Illinois toll calculator You can calculate tolls and gas costs for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, RVs, and motorcycles for all toll roads in Illinois.

What happens if you don't pay the Illinois toll?

If you pass a toll on the Illinois highway without paying, payment is expected to be made online, within 14 days. Failure to pay tolls may result in penalties, taxes and the possible suspension of registration and / or driving license.

Where can I pay for a parking ticket?

Violations on an Illinois highway

Some people think the Illinois highway violations are minor, but when they add up, the penalties can be severe. In some cases, they can even jeopardize driving privileges or a driver's license. If you are facing these kinds of charges, you will need to seek legal advice.

Never ignore an Illinois Tollway ticket

You should never consider ignoring a ticket or invoice. Also, you shouldn't expect the charge to magically disappear or your license plate not being registered among the thousands of drivers in the area. Even if this has happened to some lucky drivers, you may have a better chance of winning the lottery.

Can the police arrest you if you have expired tags?

Unpaid tolls and pending invoices (TOLLING 2020)

Illinois Tollway announced POLLING 2020 in June 2020. It is a comprehensive toll reform package that includes a significant reduction in the costs that drivers face when tolls are not paid. The measures also provide for reductions in penalties for those with pending violations while the relief period from the COVID-19 pandemic is formalized, during which violations for unpaid tolls will not be assessed.

COVID-19 rescue: Tolls not paid between March 9 and June 25 during the stay order will not be subject to fines or additional fees. After the deadline, unpaid passenger vehicle tolls will align with the new procedure for unpaid tolls.

New billing process: users with unpaid tolls will receive an unpaid passenger vehicle toll bill of $ 3 instead of an initial violation of $ 20. Users can continue to avoid fees for at least 14 days if they pay online.

Reduction of violations: For the remainder of 2020, all pending violations will be reduced. Fines of $ 20 and $ 50 will also be reduced to $ 3, which is a great relief for thousands of drivers. Users will have six months to resolve violations under the new guidelines.

Reduction of notifications: Initial penalties for unpaid tolls are reduced. Now, passenger vehicle owners who do not pay a toll will receive a $ 3 billing notice for each unpaid toll, instead of a $ 20 fine for violation. This means an 85% reduction.

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