Where to buy FastTrack?

FasTrak is an electronic toll collection system available in the San Francisco Bay Area. To join this system and start enjoying its benefits, you need to install an electronic device or a label inside the vehicle. In this article we will tell you where to buy fast track and the types of labels that are available. Also, in our section Frequent questions You will be able to clarify other doubts regarding this toll payment method.

FasTrak tags or devices are accepted on all express lanes and bridges in the bay area. You can also use FasTrak at designated parking lots at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Let's see below where you can get the fas tracking system labels.

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  1. Where to buy FastTrack?
    1. Buy FastTrack online
    2. Buy Fast Track in a store
    3. Buy Fast Track by phone
    4. Buy Fast Track by mail
  2. Types of Fast Track labels
    1. FasTrak standard toll tag
    2. FasTrak Flex toll tag
    3. CAV FasTrak toll labels
  3. Pay the toll without the FasTrak transponder
    1. Pay with a tuition account
    2. one-time payments
  4. Where to buy Fast Track: frequently asked questions
    1. Where can I buy the fast track?
    2. Does the FasTrak toll belong to me?
    3. How is FasTrak used?
    4. Can I change my tag from one vehicle to another?
    5. What should I do if my FasTrak tag is lost, stolen, damaged or defective?
    6. How can I return my toll number?

Where to buy FastTrack?

Next one, we will explain where to buy Fast Track. We will include several alternatives so that you can choose the most convenient way to get the Fast Track toll device, also known as a "transponder".

Buy FastTrack online

The Online application it is one of the simplest ways to get the FasTrak transponder. The first thing you need to do is create a FasTrak account, then your toll tags will be sent to you in the mail. After receiving them you will need to install them in your car to start enjoying the service.

Buy Fast Track in a store

Some Costco and Walgreens locations have tolls available for immediate purchase and use. If you buy a FasTrak tag at a retail store, you must register it online and create a Fas Trak account.

To find out where to buy Fast Track, you can use the shop locator offered by the Bay Area Fas Trak.

Buy Fast Track by phone

You can order your additional tags for an existing FasTrak account by calling the following toll-free number: 877-229-8655 (24-hour service).

IMPORTANT: You must have a valid FasTrak account to order toll tags using the automated system.

Buy Fast Track by mail

You can also order FasTrak toll tags by mail. To do this it is necessary to print and send the file application form by FasTrak. In the form itself you will find all the necessary instructions to complete the application procedure.

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Types of Fast Track labels

FasTrak standard toll tag

This is the simplest type of labels you can buy. Once installed on a vehicle's windshield, it allows you to pay the lowest tolls on Bay Area bridges and freeways. If you plan to use FasTrak on bridges only, a standard account will suffice.

FasTrak Flex toll tag

This type of tag is used for carpools, motorcycles and CAVs eligible for free travel on the fast lanes of the I-580. In the fast lanes of I-880, I-680 Contra Costa and SR-237, a FasTrak Flex toll tag is required for carpools and motorcycles to receive toll discounts.

FasTrak Flex toll tags work like FasTrak Standard toll tags, but they have a three-way switch that can be set to signal if you are carpooling or alone. Please note that this label is the one used on most fast lanes in the Bay Area.

CAV FasTrak toll labels

FasTrak CAV is a special toll only issued for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). This tag works on all toll bridges and fast lanes in the Bay Area. It can also be used to pay for parking at San Francisco International Airport.

The CAV FasTrak toll tag has a three-position switch to indicate whether you are traveling alone or in carpooling. If you are traveling with a single occupant on the fast lanes I-880, I-680 Contra Costa and SR-237, FasTrak CAV will allow you to get a discount on the toll.

IMPORTANT: Connected Autonomous Vehicles or CAV vehicles are those that can replace the driver in all or part of his functions. They have wireless connectivity to the Internet, LAN or cloud (V2N); other vehicles (V2V); infrastructure or control centers (V2I), etc. They combine AI technology. They have all the technology necessary for the vehicle to no longer be under the control of a human being.

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Pay the toll without the FasTrak transponder

Pay with a tuition account

If you regularly travel across Bay Area bridges and don't want to use a toll, what you can do is open a tuition account. This type of account allows you to pay all Bay Bridge tolls. If you have a rental vehicle, this type of account is not recommended for you.

one-time payments

If you want to use Bay Area bridges without a toll or license plate account, you can use the one-time payment account that allows you to pay tolls online, by credit card, cash, check or money order at a FasTrak store.

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Where to buy Fast Track: frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the fast track?

As we have already explained, You have three options for purchasing fast track. you can buy onlinepersonally acquire the labels in a authorized shop or by phone, by calling 877-229-8655. Remember that you can use the automated system to manage your purchase only if you have already created a Fas Track account.

Does the FasTrak toll belong to me?

No. The toll tag belongs to the FasTrak Customer Service Center.

How is FasTrak used?

The first thing to do to start using the FasTrak payment system is to get the tag or transponder that best suits your needs. Next, you will need to install it in your vehicle and create a FasTrak account in which you will initiate your payment method. When your account has the required balance, you can start enjoying FasTrak services.

Can I change my tag from one vehicle to another?

Yup, FasTrak Standard and FasTrak Flex tolls can be changed from vehicle to vehicleprovided they are installed correctly as described in the assembly instructions. However, please note that FasTrak recommends that vehicle information, including the license plate number, make and model of each vehicle, appear on your account.

To avoid problems, FasTrak recommends having toll cards for each vehicle. Problems that can arise when a toll tag is shared between multiple vehicles include losing the tag, having the tag on the wrong car when you need it, or worn adhesive tapes.

What should I do if my FasTrak tag is lost, stolen, damaged or defective?

If your card is lost or damaged, you will lose your $ 20 deposit. But in case the toll tag is stolen and you can provide proof (e.g. police report), you may not lose your deposit.

On the other hand, if the toll tag is lost or stolen and you immediately notify the FasTrak Customer Service Center, you will not be responsible for any use of the tag after notification.

If the tag is defective, you can return it to the FasTrak Customer Service Center and request a replacement at no additional cost.

How can I return my toll number?

You can return your toll number in person or by post to the FasTrak Customer Service Center. For returns, FasTrak recommends shipping via registered or certified mail to PO Box 26927, San Francisco, CA 94126.

Remember that you must return your toll tags within 10 business days of your request to close your account.

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